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Champagne & Cognac Diamonds

Understated elegance

Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Edgy, expressive, and bold

Silky Sapphires

A soft and opalescent glow

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When Prijems first brought Rustic Diamonds (and coined the phrase!) to market in 1998, we couldn't have imagined the lasting impact it would have on the designer jewelry industry. In 2005 we were again inspired to introduce a fresh take on our popular Rustic Diamond and invented a new classic- the Salt & Pepper Diamond.

Salt & Pepper Diamonds quickly skyrocketed into an exciting entire new genre of alternative bridal and jewelry.

We broke the mold again in 2014 and introduced our Geometric Cuts, inspiring a new era of personal expression through jewelry.

Modern Rustic Diamond now brings the Prijems experience online, a continuation of our influence on the hottest trends in the industry for over 35 years.

Innovation is in our DNA- we don't follow the trends, we create them.

Be original, get inspired, and shop today!

Natural Diamonds

All stones tested to be natural, mined diamonds- no lab.

Finest Quality

Our diamonds are cut by master cutters in our own dedicated facility.

Unrivaled Selection

The largest assortment of specialty diamonds anywhere online.

Express Delivery

All orders shipped within 24 hours, local pickup also available.